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Search for UK registered companies at Companies House UK Registry

Company Search United Kingdom using kyckr company search portal

Search Registered Companies in the UK

 Search for company information held at Companies House UK, the official UK government register of UK companies using GBRDirect Global Company Search Network.

Search the Companies House databases to check if a company is registered in the UK and buy company documents, financials, company reports and order credit reports.

  • 使用 Kyckr 的搜索公司房子英国
  • 在英国注册的实时公司检查和有关公司的信息
  • 买公司申请,公司报告,查找公司主任信息,订单信用报告中只是 3 个简单步骤
  • 欧洲商业登记册内从一个位置访问欧洲公司搜索

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  • Superb customer service, we go the extra mile
  • Access to over 150 company registers worldwide
  • Company Searches that provide Primary Source Company Documents, gold standard in KYC/AML compliance
  • Set up Company Alerts and reduce Risk Management effort
  • Trusted Official Company Information Distributor for the European Business Register
Kyckr Company Search Customer Testimonial
"Kyckr 解决方案带来了嵌入式的公司带来重大的搜索解决方案 提高效率。实时公司查找意味着,我们在客户端上的数据捕获 登机
是 100%准确。这样可以显著地节省虽然客户生命周期 通过对登机、 实时 KYC 和补救。一个简单而又辉煌的用途 Kyckr API。"

Paul Tourret,MD,转基因 Globalsign



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