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Kyckr 有限公司标志

Kyckr 智能包含一套产品,第一次是一种称为意义我的虚拟分析师工具。意义煤矿充当"虚拟分析师",将数字内容转化为战略眼光。意义煤矿是最灵活和最复杂的企业搜索和非结构化的业务智能引擎可用,高级业务决策制定者和分析师提供商业/市场情报和关键洞察力有关他们、 他们的组织和利益相关者。


  • Crisis Management – Using trigger technology to alert an impending crisis, track impact over time or analyse past crises
  • Reputation Management – Analyse the impact of announcements, product launches, world events
  • Competitive Intelligence – Discover trends and insights around market players and influencers in a given market
  • Exploratory – A quick way to take a broad view of an industry, very large conversation or general topic
  • Risk Management – An early-warning system to view negative online sentiment around companies at risk of default
  • Opportunity Management – Zeroing-in on key companies who are being most talked about in a certain context


Kyckr 情报工作


  • 创建在线仪表盘实时跟踪最新的发展。
  • 根据您的报告偏好的最新情报接收触发警报。
  • 跟踪在同行业中的竞争对手,围绕着他们的谈话。
  • 追踪任何话题或对话的健康和情绪。
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